This series of pictures, taken by Mike Stacey, is from a full day of shooting of several art films together . One of which was partly inspired by a film about the life of Jackson Pollock. Seeing the journey of Hans Namuth working with Jackson Pollock was incredibly motivating, even just from simply resonating with and sharing a similar journey as an artist and a photographer duo, and around this time, I realized how many other famous or otherwise recognized artists and photographers came together for long term creative collaborations, which has been crucial to their success.


ARTIST: Lauren Michelle @lauren_michelle_artist VIDEO: Mike Stacey @staceymikephoto MUSIC: Tom Pyrdol 'Golden Ratio' ---

Painting free

"Extended from my limbs/

A darkness exudes/


Free-flowing /

Flippant and courageous/

Brutal and honest/

Showing me my dark side/

Coerced Propelled, and/

Finding me my bright side."

- Lauren Michelle

Portrait of Angus Cohen, painted for the Archibald Portrait Prize, Sydney. The challenge was doubled as we both suffer from chronic health conditions, which Lauren was able to channel into the painting.