Projected Films


About the films

Three short films were projected on the wall of the back gallery and ran on loop for the whole duration of the exhibition. Having the films in the back room created a quieter, more private space for people to watch the films and perhaps let their guards down a bit to absorb and reflect on the content of the rest of the exhibition.

Behind the Veil

This short silent film depicts the changing, alternating and cyclic nature of the emotional phases of depression. There are times of both reflection, and projection, where one can see oneself in a different state. Often during the phase which leads into a period of depression one can see the darkness of the destination. It’s seemingly more difficult to see the light when in such dark states. Some states exist for periods of time with little change whilst others oscillate, often causing confusion and disorientation


A Unique Process

This silent process film illustrates various aspects of our artistic process. It shows the set-up and photographic workflow used by photographer Mike Stacey and Model/Muse Lauren Michelle to create many of the images, particularly in the ‘Emotion’ set. Aspects of Lauren’s ink drawings and process are also depicted.


Conversation with Myself

This short film depicts Lauren’s personal story of  conflict felt on a journey of being between being both an artist, and a model/muse. The alternation between, and sometimes unison of expressive and spontaneous snippets of modelling, and the making of ink artworks, reveals an organic portrayal of two contradictory perspectives, between being the creator and the subject often at the same time.