My Journey as an artist’s muse started in 2010. I wanted to be immersed in art any day every day, and there wasn’t a better way for me to be exposed to a variety of art and artists, than to be a muse. Over the past 8 years, I’ve modeled primarily for painters drawers and sculptors, and also over the last 3 years, for fine art photographers. I’ve let modelling guide and influence my own artistic development. In many ways modelling has been the basic and essential platform on which I have built and developed my taste, ideas, themes, understanding of the figure, emotion and artistic aesthetics. I call photos 'evidence of my existence’, as photographers have been there documenting my artistic journey, before I had a chance to develop and express myself through my own personal choices of media. Modelling has given me a sense of grounding throughout my adult life; a pursuit that makes me feel the present, and be connected with people instead of just my dreams.

Mike Stacey


G. Dante Sapienza