NO HANDS is an exhibition of photographs, drawings, paintings, poetry, installation artworks and short film wall projections. Through these various mediums, both artists disentangle the varied emotional states of depression and bring light to the surrounding misconceptions. NO HANDS showed at SOMA Gallery in Melbourne during July 2018.


Lauren Michelle

Lauren Michelle is a New Zealand-born conceptual and observational artist, who has independently developed her work over the last 12 years whilst living in Australia. Her work ranges from quick observational impressions depicting people and daily living, or surreal or abstract art which convey thoughtful personal or political insights, which often include strong emotive qualities or challenging viewpoints. Although predominantly self-taught, she has also recently taken up part-time study, learning classical drawing at Julian Ashton Art School.

In NO HANDS, she carefully considers the placement and presentation of the artworks, often incorporating it as part of the concept of the artwork. Whether through mood, thought or humour, Lauren Michelle showcases many varied aspects and emotions of depression, realising it as a multi-faceted complexity, rather than the common misconception of it simply being, a choice.


Mike STacey

Mike Stacey’s core photographic work is centred around humanity and presence. Aspects that transcend physicality. Moments of connection. Moments of sensuality and experience, of humanity, of beauty.

In the exhibition NO HANDS, Mike has applied this focus to capturing the changing and often fleeting and cyclic nature of the emotional and human aspects of living day to day with depression. The images show four dimensions: Home, Face, Body and Emotion.