These flowing ink pieces are are done on white paper as if to represent and trigger a meditation process; a technique that best serves me as a way to bring my mind to the present moment, away from stresses and distractions of daily living. The flowing lines of the ink create movement to show the shifts in mood that I'm experiencing in that mind space. The strokes are made with natural leaf brushes, collected from organic plant material that has already been dropped to the ground.

moodscape-16 (1).jpg

A greater dream

These ink drawings show small figures in grandiose or surreal contexts, conveying idolism and exaggerated dreams as a, possibly compensatory, state for deflated moods and helplessness of the present.




These gestural drawings are created very quickly in order to bypass precision and time to think. I take this approach to strengthen the quality of simply responding to the figure in an energetic way that depicts quick, first impressions; this is often a natural and almost naive process by which we observe and learn about people., This fast-pace approach is exaggerated even more when there is movement of the figure, forcing me to capture them somewhere between 3 and 10 seconds, often as they are walking by. The result is, again, an energetic, impressionistic story about each person in that moment. 


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